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    At Magical Years Childcare, we are passionate about creating an enriching learning environment for every child in our care. Our carefully designed curriculum is centered around fostering a love for learning, exploration, and creativity. We believe in a balance of child-directed activities and structured learning experiences, allowing children to develop at their own pace while being gently guided by our skilled teachers. Our curriculum is based on Te whariki that emphasizes children's holistic development that includes their school readiness, social and emotional development, physical well-being, and critical thinking skills. Through engaging activities and thoughtful lesson plans, we strive to nurture a lifelong love for learning in every child.

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    We deeply value each child as a priority learner, recognizing that every individual has unique strengths, interests, and developmental paths. We believe that the heart of the matter lies in understanding and embracing the individuality of each child, supporting their self-discovery, and fostering a love for learning. Our approach to children's self-development centers around catering to the needs of the individual learner, recognizing that every child thrives in an environment that celebrates their unique abilities and supports their journey towards growth and self-realization. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive space where every child feels empowered to explore, create, and develop at their own pace and in their own unique way.

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    We are committed to providing a friendly and nurturing environment for all children under our care. Our caring and dedicated staff strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every child feels valued, supported, and encouraged to explore the world around them. We believe in the power of positive relationships and aim to foster a sense of belonging and security for both children and their families. Our goal is to ensure that every child's individual needs are met with empathy and understanding, creating a space where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

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    At Magical Years Childcare, we are supporting our community by offering a complimentary van run service for the convenience of our families. Our dedicated team understands the demands of daily life and the challenges of balancing work and family commitments. That's why we provide a safe and reliable transportation option with our van run service, ensuring that children are picked up and dropped off conveniently and punctually. By offering this complimentary service, we aim to alleviate the logistical burden for parents and contribute to the overall well-being of our community. At Magical Years, we believe that supporting families extends beyond the classroom, and we are proud to be a trusted partner in the daily lives of our families.

Childcare Centre in Glendene, Auckland

Early education and quality care are crucial to every child’s physical and mental development. Which is why they need more than just a classroom.
Magical Years employs interactive, playful teaching methods to help kids make sense of the world around them, on their own. With mixed-age grouping, modern infrastructure, moral-led activities, resources that capture their interest and friendly supervision, Magical Years gives your child a myriad of opportunities to learn in a diverse group and develop sophisticated social skills at an early age.
Magical Years is a childcare centre in Glendene that offers quality care and education to young children, aged from birth to 5 years.

Best Childcare Centre in Sunnyvale

Among various Sunnyvale child care centers, Magical Years stands out with innovative teaching methods and a homely daycare approach. The goal of early education is to lay a strong foundation for kids and make them life-long learners so that they are primed for success and prepared for failures.
We believe that every child is born with immense potential to become whatever they want, but this ability is often lost along the way. At Magical Years, we shape your child’s early years through quality education and friendly guidance, which make it easier for them to discover their true self.

Affordable Childcare Centre in Kelston

Your child’s early education is crucial, but that doesn’t mean you have to work extra hours to afford it. We provide quality education and friendly daycare at accessible price points because we want you to spend as much time as possible with your kids when you are back from work. This is their chance to surprise you with all the new things they learn at Magical Years.
Magical Years is a newly built facility adapted for daycare and primary education. Featuring innovative resources and learning spaces, this is where your child learns to interact with the world through playful activities.

Daycare Centre in Glen Eden

Magical Years is a daycare centre in Glen Eden, licensed to attend to 36 children. With two playrooms for under 2’s and over 2’s, as well as a common activity area, we nurture mixed-age groups so that every child can form a relationship with their younger and older peers.
To enrol, give us a call today. In case you have a query or wish to tour our facility, stop by anytime between 7 AM and 6 PM. Pre-informed visits are highly appreciated.

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Get Enroll, or call us on: 02102368889


Over 2\’s (TUAKANA)

The fundamental purpose of our service is to facilitate the development of our children and make them life long learners.

Under 2\’S (TEINA)

We are licensed for ten babies.Our priority for the Teina\'s is to provide quality care and nurture that leads to healthy development.

Pathways to school Programme (Numeracy and Literacy)

We support children to develop their numeracy and literacy skills and focus on stages of reading and writing: from scribbling to expressive writers.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are friendly,passionate,qualified and experienced.We provide quality care and educational programme, safe and secure learning.

Open ended resources( Promote susutainiblilty)

We promote sustainability by using loose parts in creating incredible 3D objects & toys. This supports our children to develop understanding around nature & environment

Mixed age group

We focus on building a positive relationship with Teina\'s and Tuakana's through moments such as nappy changing and sleep time.

Meals provided(Healthy Heart)

We offer healthy eating fresh meals & the food is cooked on site. We ensure to provide lot of fresh & healthy vegetables & fruits.

Provide 30 hour free sessions (conditions apply)

Provide free transportation to the children (conditions apply)



As soon as I walked in, I was shocked at how amazing the place looks - it s like a magical forest!!! It's so much better and immaculate than any childcare centre I looked at in my search and I'm so glad I chose here. I was very warmly welcomed by Amindra & the rest of the staff and feel

Damian de Silva
Dwane, Tara & Liam s dad

My son has been with Magical Years for 2 years. When I speak with friends, I clearly see the difference in other daycare centres Vs Magical Years. Ami and her wonderful team of teachers are so instrumental in shaping these kids and using their experience to guide novice parents like me. There are plenty of daycare centers that run thier

Ayaan and Aariv s Mum

One of the best decision we ever made as parents was sending our boys to Magical years. Went through so many daycare centers but finally choosed Magical years because so many activities there and specially amazing center Manager and awesome staff.Highly recommend.

Shayan s Mum

Salaam Litha, Hasan showed me his drawing skills this weekend and I'm so impressed that he's learnt so much from you guys! Thanks so much

Hasan s Mum

Our 2 children (now 2 and 4 years old) both started at Magical Years when they were about 6 months old. Amindra and her team were fantastic at helping them establish a routine and really supported us as parents as we transitioned back to work, leaving the kids all day. We received photos and videos and updates during that period

Lachlan s Mum

I highly recommend Magical Years if you looking for a comprehensive childcare option that emphasises family involvement with people who really care about the children. For me it is an extended family, a place where I know my girls are loved and adored by kids and staff and my girls have improved their speech and interactive skills a lot. They

(Joanna and Grace’s mum)

Since joining Magical Years Connor has blossomed into happy and confident child. Hearing and speech difficulties have made it harder for Connor to socialise and delayed his learning, but thanks to the time, effort and love put in by all the teachers. I have seen huge improvements in both areas. He is so happy to come to day-care every day

(Connor's mum)

Hello, OK When I first enrolled my son to the Magical Years, I knew straight away this is the kindy for my son it is like a nice hidden treasure at the back. My son enjoys going there.

(Harlem's mum)
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