Magical years is offering affordable fees and free 30 hour sessions for 3-5 year olds*.
Magical years childcare centre is in Glendene. It is a newly opened centre which offers quality care and education.

Centre promotes mixed-age grouping that bring together children aged 0 to five years old that offers unique opportunities for learning and development. In communities where children are more likely to grow up in smaller families, the benefits of learning from younger or older peers is significant. This also promotes Tuakana Teina concept. We provide flexible spaces that allow children to learn effectively. In such environments children can be supported to access resources, materials and experiences that match their interests and skills as well as those that challenge them to extend their capabilities. Children in mixed-age groups will develop friendships and engage in learning just as they would in same age settings with the added bonus of being able to access peer support and lead learning for other children. These opportunities offer children to develop more sophisticated social skills and to be part of a diverse group.

Magical Years is a purpose built Centre Licensed for 36 children. It opens at 7am to 6pm. It consists of two playrooms: Under2’s (Teina) Over2’s (Tuakana)

The mixed age group also promotes turn taking and sharing. Children with no younger siblings at home have opportunities to ‘be a big sister or brother’ and nurture and help others as well as form relationships with younger children.

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As soon as I walked in, I was shocked at how amazing the place looks - it s like a magical forest!!! It's so much better and immaculate than any childcare centre I looked at in my search and I'm so glad I chose here.

Damian de Silva
Dwane, Tara & Liam s dad

My son has been with Magical Years for 2 years. When I speak with friends, I clearly see the difference in other daycare centres Vs Magical Years. Ami and her wonderful team of teachers are so instrumental in shaping these kids and using their experience

Ayaan and Aariv s Mum

One of the best decision we ever made as parents was sending our boys to Magical years. Went through so many daycare centers but finally choosed Magical years because so many activities there and specially amazing center Manager and awesome staff.Highly recommend.

Shayan s Mum

Salaam Litha, Hasan showed me his drawing skills this weekend and I'm so impressed that he's learnt so much from you guys! Thanks so much

Hasan s Mum

Our 2 children (now 2 and 4 years old) both started at Magical Years when they were about 6 months old. Amindra and her team were fantastic at helping them establish a routine and really supported us as parents as we transitioned back to work,

Lachlan s Mum

I highly recommend Magical Years if you looking for a comprehensive childcare option that emphasises family involvement with people who really care about the children. For me it is an extended family, a place where I know my girls are loved and adored by kids

(Joanna and Grace’s mum)

Since joining Magical Years Connor has blossomed into happy and confident child. Hearing and speech difficulties have made it harder for Connor to socialise and delayed his learning, but thanks to the time, effort and love put in by all the teachers. I have seen

(Connor's mum)

Hello, OK When I first enrolled my son to the Magical Years, I knew straight away this is the kindy for my son it is like a nice hidden treasure at the back. My son enjoys going there.

(Harlem's mum)
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